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For Valentines day, I thought we could do some sort of contest, where the object of the game is to make the best house, or make your current house look nice. Also, the party will be held at Gideon (peng150)’s house. Me and Gideon will be judging, and we will also serve free cake and cookies there. Also, as a bonus, MineMart will have a 50% off sell on all items! Hope to see you there!


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About Our Server

It has been a long time since I did a post, and its because we have been very busy on our server. When we play Minecraft all at the same time, we do Skype. Of course it is an eight-slot server (We will be upgrading soon), so we never do it all at the same time, but on Christmas Eve, we had a HUGE party and played about three hours straight! It was a big success, and we had lots of fun! The highlight of the party is when we fought the WITHER. And, when we first spawned the Wither, we had all of our bows aimed at it, and when it was done charging there was a huge hailfire of arrows at it, but we all died, and we kept coming back. Guess who finally killed the wither? Starboy4356!! And we got a Nether Star. We have had more friends of friends joining, and we now have ten ppl whitelisted! Now, our world has been growing and growing, and with all the extra chunks to load for the server, it has been getting laggy, and that is another reason I am upgrading the server. Now, I want to show you a pic of the entire town:

This is excluding my brother's (peng150) house, and Jehtradedollar's house, and a few others. If you look in the upper-right corner of the pic, you can see Jadenicle's house.

This is excluding my brother’s (peng150) house, and Jehtradedollar’s house, and a few others. If you look in the upper-right corner of the pic, you can see Jadenicle’s house.